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Domin8 Master Edition Game


Master the art of domination with this devilishly deluxe edition of Domin8! Domin8 is a game of sexy submission and fiendish domination, where each player gets to play out both roles. Relinquish control and let your partner have their wicked way with you or embrace your inner Dom/ Domme and take command! Win the game and your every wish is their command! From Doctor and Patient to Master & Slave, let your imagination run wild with 24 sexy scenarios for you and your partner to role-play! Like a domino effect, each naughty act kicks off an unstoppable momentum of kinky delights that will escalate your sexual gratification to a climactic level!

Inside The Box

36 Domin8 Tiles

24 Scenario Cards

Steel Handcuffs/Feather Tickler

Paddle/ Blindfold

Bondage Tape/Rule Boolet

Package Weight

22.50 Ounces

Package Dimensions

10.20W by 10.30H by 2.10L inches