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Mystim Rodeo Robin Glans & Scrotum Strap Set


Howdy Cowboy – ready for that legendary ride on the razor blade. With Rodeo Robin you get that tingly pleasure with quite a sharp edge. That would suit you, wouldn't it. Those two slim, bi-polar penis-testicle-straps are extra-long and infinitely variable, so they fit any size even yours. Feel free to choose whether you want them on the rocks, tacked to the knob or wrapped around the shaft of your tool – and then have them tightened mercilessly. Your lashed down family jewels are always such a fun to watch – especially your futile attempts to get out of that tight spot. Yee-haw!


Made of Silicone


E-stim Penis Straps

Package Weight

3.70 Ounces

Package Dimensions

5.12W by 11.62H by 1.75L inches