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Velvet Plush The Zuma Vibe-Plush


The Velvet Plush Zuma Vibe from Icon Brands. The best thing to happen to vibrators in years...with a unique wavelike design that has women raving and craving worldwide! Dual motors hit your g-spot and c-spot perfectly everytime, with seven functions of quiet, powerful pleasure. U-shaped base makes handling a breeze. Two independent motors are so easy to control you can do it in the dark - and if you can't, just consult Suma's bright, LED panel. And best of all, it's in Velvet Plush Silicone for that almost liquid-like velvety feel unique to Icon.


Made of Silicone

Dual Motor

Seven Functions

LED Controller

Package Weight

8.00 Ounces

Package Dimensions

4.80W by 8.50H by 2.00L inches